Test Plug & Wear Bushing

Combined Tool HCC

The HCC combined tool is connected to the drilling pipe. With the male thread facing up, it installs or retrieves the wear bushing. With the male thread facing down, it seals the head or spool housing and allows for testing the pressure of preventors. Bushings are used to adapt the basic tool to different sizes.

The drill pipe can be suspended below the test plug, thus eliminating the need to trip the whole pipe out of the hole.

Wear Bushing

The wear bushing is housed in the head or in the spool and is secured by means of two tie down screws to protect it against damage or wear during drilling. It is installed or retrieved with either a simple installation tool or with the HCC combined tool.

Tool To Install / Remove The Wear Bushing

It allows for installing and retrieving the wear bushing.

It locks inside the wear bushing with a quarter turn to the right, and unlocks with a quarter turn to the left.

Test Plug

The test plug is used to run the pressure test on the preventors (BOP). It is installed by using a length of drilling pipe, and it seals over the wellhead in the housing area of the hanger. 

It has a passage that allows direct pressurizing.

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