Mudline Suspension System

Mudline MJ1

The mudline suspension system used in off-shore wells allows the casing string of an oil or gas well to be suspended and anchored directly on the seabed, transferring all the weight to the mudline.

It is used in shallow waters, up to 100 meters approximately, and drilled from jack-up platforms.

It is ideal for wildcat wells, as it allows for temporary abandonment and subsequent reconnection, releasing the drilling rig without leaving any installation fixed to the location. The completion can be dry, by installing a wellhead and Christmas tree on a fixed platform, or wet by using a subsea tree.

System Features:

  • Stack-down type configuration. Eliminates dirt traps and facilitates the return.
  • Auto-reset allows lifting and re-seating a hanger without additional operations.
  • Hangers with dual top thread, left-hand thread for installation/abandonment, and right-hand for tie back.
  • Hangers with dual Metal-Metal seals.
  • Dual centralization that ensures hanger alignment and concentricity.
  • Connection threads have a special profile to prevent damage when connected.
  • Elastomeric backup.
  • Pre-aligned threads that facilitate abandonment and return.
  • Designed with large flow area.

SSC Compact Suspension System

The SSC compact suspension system is a simplified and low-cost alternative in cases where it is not necessary to abandon the well.

As with the MJ1 system, it allows the casing pipe to be anchored to the sea floor, transferring the entire weight of the casing to the mudline.  It is an ingenious solution that makes the SCC a versatile and safe system ensuring a rapid and reliable operation.
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