Frac Valves

Frac Valves
Valves for use in fracture wells with diameters of 3-1/16" to 7-1/16" and pressures of 10,000 PSI and 15,000 PSI.

Frac valves characteristics design and materials are suitable to work in this severe service. They are supplied for manual operation or operated with hydraulic actuator.

The manually controlled valves of 4-1/16" and larger have balanced stem and an actuator system mounted on ball screw mechanisms. This feature allows ease of operation of valve with a reduced number of turns therefore reducing time the valve is not fully open or closed position. This features allows to preserve the integrity of internal components (specially gates and seats). These valves can be manufactured as loose valves or in the solid block stile.

Model HDA Surface Safety Frac Valve

Model T-10 HDA & T-15 HDA API 6A Gate Valves are frac valves with a double acting hydraulic actuator. The double acting piston Hydraulic actuator allows the valve to be controled fast and remotely by means of a compact control panel connected at distance.

In case of not having an hydraulic pressure source, the valve has a manual override system handwheel with recirculating balls in order to open or close the valve with no excessive torque needed.

Gate Valve Model T15AF & T10AF

API 6A Gate valves model T10AF and T15AF have been developed to serve as blocking valves for oil and gas service up to 10,000 and 15,000 PSI respectively.
Bidirectional Sealing:
The gate and seats seal  in both directions. The gate and seats can be reversed to increase life service.
Metal to Metal Seal:

Sealing at gate-to-seat and seat-to-body is metal to metal.

Stem Packing:
The non-elastomeric steam packing is unaffected by H2S, CO2, amines and other chemicals encountered in the oilfield. The packing design provides low operation torque under any service condition.
No body Penetrations:
Body without penetrations. Grease injection fitting is located on the bonnet, on the downstream side of the backseat for safety.
Easy Operation:
The valve opens and closes without excessive force. After the required number of closure turns, the hand wheel should be backed one-quarter turn. The valve is then fully closed and sealed.
Back Seating:
The stem shoulder can be back seated against the bonnet to seal off the stuffing box. This allows the stem packing to be replaced while the valve is under pressure.
Field Replaceable Seats:

Floating seats are easily field replaceable.

Lower stem keeps the balance of pressures on the upper steam to reduce operational torque. It also provides position indicator.
Actuator Valves:

Model AF API 6A gate valves can be turn into atuated valves with the addition of pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.

Model T10BR & T15BR Gate Valve

The models T10BR & T15BR API 6A gate valves has a balanced stem and recirculating balls. It has been developed to manually operate large-diameter and high-pressure valves.

It is used to serve as a on-off valve in oil and gas services up to 15,000 PSI.

It is manufactured in sizes from 4-1/16" to 9". It is suitable for use in production trees, conduction systems and fracture trees. 

It is suitable for use in production trees, conduction systems and fracture trees.

Metal to Metal Seal:
Metal-Metal seal between gate and seat and between seat and body.
Bidirectional Sealing:
The gate and the seats seal in both directions.
Stem Packing:
The non-elastomeric steam packing is unaffected by H2S, CO2, amines or any other chemical substances commonly found in oil or gas wells. Its design favors a low operating torque under any service condition.
Body without Penetrations:
The valve body has no penetrations. For safety, the grease fitting is located on the bonnet, downstream from the backseat.
Easy Operation:

The valve opens and closes without needing excessive torque. The screw-and-nut actuating system with recirculating balls is of high performance, allowing for the valve to be operated directly, without the need of a gear reducer. This system minimizes the number of handwheel turns for operation. After the necessary number of turns required for closing the valve, the handwheel must be backed off ¼ turn.

Stem Shear Pin:
The stem is protected against over-torquing by a stem shear pin. The pin can be easily replaced without disassembling the bonnet.
Replaceable Seats:

The floating seats can be readily replaced in the field.

Seat Protector:
A protecting ring between seat and body protects the lip of the metal-metal seal.
Valves with Actuator:
API 6A model T10BR & T15BR gate valves can be converted into actuated valves by adding pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.
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