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Research and Development

We have our own technology to offer innovative solutions, products in constant technological evolution and cooperation from the beginning phases of the project.

Investigación y Desarrollo

Engineering and Development department has ample resources, such as:

  • Human resources with extensive experience and a high degree of training.

  • Advanced tools for designing, calculating, simulating, and managing information, CAD / CAM / FEA / IT.

  • A modern performance-testing  laboratory that allows testing prototypes under extreme design conditions.

  • A non-metallic-seal testing  laboratory for thermochemical testing.

Investigación y Desarrollo
The Engineering and Development Department employs experienced and well trained personnel, including engineers and technicians specializing in various areas, such as valves, wellheads, actuators, control systems, materials, and testing laboratories.

The engineering staff is in direct contact with the client for counseling, establishing work groups, and troubleshooting.
It also obtains field reports from the service bases, which are analyzed to produce improvements in the equipment.
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manuals are prepared with instructions and drawings to help assist the user in the field.

Training courses are provided and technical meetings are held at our plant, and at our bases or oilfields, upon client’s request.

Tools for design, calculation, simulation and management of the information

  • Análisis de elementos finitos
Designers rely on a modern parametric design system to model virtual solids, allow complex mechanisms to be visualized from any angle, analyze tolerances, interferences, weights, and produce manufacturing drawings. In addition, an FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) simulation module is used to allow complex engineering calculations to be solved in less time, to optimize designs and reduce oversizing due to uncertainty, thanks to higher accuracy.
This system minimizes design and testing times in product development.

Performance testing laboratory

Laboratorio de ensayos
Modern valve performance-testing laboratory, which is unique in Latin America.

The purpose of this laboratory is to subject prototypes to extreme service conditions, in order to verify that the suitability of the design satisfies the demands of applicable standards.

These tests allow the product to be certified for the specified service in accordance with Appendix F of API 6A, level PR2, awarding the product the degree of reliability required to offer it on the domestic and foreign markets.
Laboratorio de ensayos
Fire Test
Laboratorio de ensayos
Pressure Cycles

Thermochemical compatibility testing laboratory for non-metallic seals

This testing laboratory is a key facility to ensure the reliability of non-metallic seals subjected to the conditions of pressure, temperature and chemical action of standard test fluids according to API 6A, Appendix F.

Laboratorio de ensayos
Laboratorio de ensayos
Laboratorio de ensayos
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