Ball Valves

Model M3 Ball Valve 3,000 PSI

The MMA M3 model ball valve is a shutoff valve developed to meet a wide range of applications in the water, Oil and Gas Industry.

Available in nominal sizes  from 2 to 4 inches, pressures up to 3,000 PSI. And flanged, screwed or welding ends, it is a particularly suitable when a sturdy and safe valve is needed.

The design and the materials meet the API 6A and 6D requirements.
The Through-conduit design provides a full bore without restriction. Destructive turbulence is eliminated and pressure loss is minimized. This feature allows also to run through the bore any type of tool that passes through the the pipe´s ID.
Trunnion mounted:
The one piece ball-stem design of the M3 ball valve is the basis of its compact and robust construction. This also ensures greater rigidity and alignement of the stem, thus reducing bearing wear and operating torque.
The floating seats are not loaded by the ball´s thrust. This ensures a long life of the seats and a positive shutoff after many operation cycles.
Low operating torque
All the load due to pressure is supported by two non lubricated low friction bearings. The bearings are isolated from the flow and the external enviroment.
Internal stops:
internal double stop give precise topping support during opening and closing.
In the open position this prevents exposure of the seats to damage and wear from the flow.
The steam area is protected by a rubber weather guard to shield stem from foreign particles.o.
The M3 ball valves can be supplied with electric or pneumatic actuators for remote operation.


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