Tubing Spools

MCM Tubing Spools

MCM tubing spools are standard-manufactured in order to house MC-1W, MC-1A, MC1A-BP, MC1, MC2, and MC-29 tubing hangers. Top flanges have tie-down screws to energize the annulus seal.

Side outlets may be either threaded or flanged. Side outlets with open or studded flanges have inner threads for valve removal plugs.

MCM intermediate spools are furnished with bottom preparations to house type DSS, DSP or X secondary packing and the bit pilot.

TFF-FC Tubing Spools

They are similar to the MCM tubing spools, except they include an alignment pin to guide the tubing hanger when it has an alignment groove.

They allow housing the same tubing hangers as the MCM spools, and MC-BES hangers as well.

MC 60 Tubing Spools

They are identical to the TFF-FC tubing spools and they allow housing the same tubing hangers. But, in addition, they have two robust alignment pins to guide and support the tubing hangers for MC-60 dual completion.

Carretel de Producción tipo MC-60
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