Moto Mecánica Argentina S.A.

The Company

We are a company with an industrial track record that began in 1929. It specializes in the design, manufacture and service of equipment for the oil and gas industry, such as wellheads, Christmas trees, valves, actuators and surface safety systems.

Our products and services include the needs of onshore reservoirs, but we are also rapidly expanding into the development of offshore equipment. 

We also provide all the field services required for these products, such as installation, maintenance, repair, and inventory management. MMA is dedicated to serving operator companies in the areas of drilling, production, and secondary recovery. Over 30% of MMA’s sales are targeted to foreign markets, especially in South America.
MMA's Engineering Department, Research and Development is equipped with state-of-the-art computer-assisted design technology tailored to meet the needs of its clients, even when special solutions are required.

Throughout the entire process of quality management, the company meets the ISO 9001 and API Q1 standards, for which it has obtained certifications. Products are monogrammed under the API 6A, 6D, 17D and 16A standards.
The industrial plant is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with manufacturing facilities and offices of 13,225 m2 (142,300 ft2) on a 23,800 m2 (256,000-ft2) land property.
It has business premises and warehouses carrying large inventories in the Argentine cities of Cipolletti, Comodoro Rivadavia and Rio Gallegos, as well as abroad in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Veracruz and Reynosa (Mexico), Lima and Talara (Perú). In addition, we have representatives in India, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
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