Tubing Fracture

Tree Saver TST-10

It is an assembly for use to fracture wells via tubing that features a sleeve to protect the master valves of the production tree against damage caused by the fracture sand. It keeps the well from choking and allows fracturing at a pressure higher than the range of the wellhead and tree. It also allows passing 1-1/2”-diameter coil tubing.

The sleeve is installed/retrieved by means of a lubricator, with balanced well pressure.
  • Allows the passage of 1-1/2”-diameter coil tubing.
  • It is installed with a lubricator.
  • Totally isolates the master and upper-master valves.
  • Energizable top seal for easy installation.
  • Allows installing BPV at the top.
  • Max. operating pressure 10,000 PSI.
  • Protects the BPV thread in the tubing hanger.


The Lubricator is a tool that allows to install or recover the H-type back-pressure valve or the plug to remove valve with pressure in the well.

It is installed on the tree top using the appropriate adaptation accessories. The manual lubricator is used to handle pressures up to 10,000 psi.

The hydraulic lubricator can handle pressures up to 15,000 psi and is also used to install or remove heavy tools such as fracture sleeves to maximize safety and minimize the possibility of failure the lubricator needs to be operated by a well-trained technician, as well as being subjected to a regular inspection to ensure its reliability. Although it can be purchased by the customer, MMA offers and recommends its BPV installation / recovery service or fracture sleeves.

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