Casing Heads

MC Casing Heads

MC casing heads are standard-manufactured in order to house MC-21, MC-22, and MC-29 casing hangers. Side outlets are normally supplied with a 2" LP thread and, optionally, with open-face flanges.

The bottom connection can be either threaded, prepared for welding , or supplied with a slip-lock quick-connector.  

Also available are type MC-22P and MC-29P casing heads manufactured with two tie-down screws to secure the wear bushing. These do not accept MC-21 hangers with type H seal rings.

Landing Base

Landing bases are used to distribute wellhead loads over larger areas when working in marshy locations or other applications. The landing bases can be furnished in one piece or split for remove and reuse.
Landing Base

Casing Heads with a Slip-Lock Quick-Connector

The casing head with a slip-lock quick connector may replace the traditional threaded or welded connections.

The slip-lock eliminates the loss of time produced when the casing or the head thread is damaged, which may occur when the connection has a large diameter. 

It may also be used in a contingency case when that occurs. It saves rig time when it replaces a welded connection. The slip-lock has a set of slips to anchor the head to the surface casing, and a type S or P dual seal. The slips are activated by tightening the bolts.

Casing Heads with Landing Hanger Connection

They are a convenient alternative to eliminate the waiting time incurred in the cement hardness at the casing Guide. Casing Head and BOP can be installed immediately after the cementing operation.

It´s conformed by three parts:

  • A supporting base that can be fixed or removable that distributes the weight on the pit´s floor.

  • The body is threaded at the end of the pipeline, it has an extended neck from which the energizable package seal in the wellhead is acted.

  • A bonding flange keeping the head attached to the Landing Hanger.
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