Model T15 API 6A Gate Valve

Model T15 API 6A Gate Valve 15,000 PSI

Model T15 API 6A gate valves are shutoff valves developed to meet a wide range of applications in oil and gas services up to 15,000 PSI operating pressure.

They are manufactured with flanged ends from 2-1/16" up to 7-1/16", meeting all the requirements of materials per API 6A class AA through FF, and in specification levels PSL 2 through 4.

Their simple and robust design provides a long-lasting and reliable service with minimal maintenance.

Wrought Body and Bonnet.
Metal to Metal Seal:
Metal-metal seal between gate and seat and between seat and body.
Bidirectional Sealing:
The gate and the seats seal in both directions.

The stem is designed to make a metal-metal back-seat in the bonnet, which allows for the stem packing to be replaced while the valve is in service.

Stem Packing:
The non-elastomeric stem packing is unaffected by H2S, CO2, amines or any other chemicals substances commonly found in oil or gas wells. Its design favors low operating torque under any service condition.
Easy Operation:
The valve opens and closes without needing excessive torque. After the necessary number of closing turns required for closing the valve, the handwheel must be backed off ¼ turn.
No body Penetrations:
Body without penetrations. Grease injection fitting is located on the bonnet, on the dowstream side of the backseat for safety.
Stem Shear Pin:

The stem is protected against overtorque by the stem shear pin. The pin can be quickly replaced without disassembling the valve bonnet.

Field Replaceable Seats:
Floating seats are easily replaceable at the field.
Seat Protector:

A protecting ring between seat and body protects the lip of the metal-metal seal.

Valves with Actuators:
Model T15 API 6A gate valves can be converted to automatic safety valves with the adition of pneumatic or hydraulic actuators.
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