Electronic Controller

Electronic Controller E1

Type E1 Electronic Controller is designed over a compact and movil skid, multimode and easy configurable, it allows to measure pressure, temperature, caudal, etc.; it analyzes; operate well´s valves, chronologically writes data and events logs over 6 months; it runs on a rechargeable battery and is remotely linked by various means.

The “ESD” closes de SSV in case of high or low pressure/temperature, securing the environment and facilities. It also allows to manually operate in any situation.

It incorporates “OPTIPRO” software, witch optimizes production on depleted wells managing openings and closings to enhance maximum production according to wells characteristics. It also operates in “timer mode”.

It provides internet remote access through GSM net nor adding a modem to enhance satellite access. Also allows radial, microwaves, Ethernet,GSM and satellite SCADA system.
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