Pipe Line End Termination


  • Launching through the vessel’s ramp.
  • Structure with articulated rails to ensure stability.
  • Allows sliding along the sea floor due to the expansion force of the ducts.
  • Launching operation on 1st and 2nd tip.
  • Hub to receive the vertical connection module (allows for a connection of up to 3 degrees misalignment).
  • The radius of curvature of the pipeline allows operating with PIG.
  • Rotary swivel designed for metal-metal sealing, withstands tensions generated in the launching operation.
  • Operating depth up to 2,500 m.
  • Lifetime: 25 years.
MCV-Vertical Connection Module: Allows for the installation of the flow line at one end.

Mechanically actuated through the ROV. Has a gooseneck with a rotary swivel joint. "Funnel Down" system.  Soft Landing system that prevents damage to the seal rings during the connection operation. After seating, the ROV panels remain vertically positioned to allow for the operation of the MCV with the ROV positioned over the PLET.
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