Type H Back-Pressure Valve

The type H back-pressure valve is used to seal the tubing pressure up to 15,000 psi while the blowout preventors are removed and the Christmas tree is installed. It also allows fluid to be circulated down the tubing and prevents backflow.

If it is required to pressure-test the Christmas tree, a two-way check valve must be installed. This valve also allows the pressure to be equalized above and below the seat, in order to safely remove the tubing hanger.

Test Plug

The test plug is used to run the pressure test on the preventers (BOP). It is intalled by using a lenght of drilling pipe, and it seals over the wellhead in the housing area of the hanger. It has a passage that allows direct pressurizing.

Control Plug

The control plug is a check valve that allows a pressure gauge to be installed on the side outlet of a spool. Along with the control plug, a flange with a housing for the control plug shall be used.

Valve Removal Plug

The valve removal plug allows installing and removing a valve that is under pressure up to a 15,000 psi, with the help of a lubricator.

Model F Back-Pressure Valve

The type F back-pressure valve is similar to the type H, except it allows inserting a stem that turns it into a two-way valve to be able to pressurize above it. To do this, a specially designed tool is used.

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