Tree Caps

Model TAS Tree Caps

Model TAS tree caps for single completion have a winged union nut for hammer blows, and the body includes an elevation thread.

All the MMA Christmas tree caps have a top port for a pressure gauge.

Model PB15-AON Tree Caps

Model PB15-AON tree caps have a quick-adjust manual nut and meet the API 6A 20th edition specifications, thus they feature a standardized interface.

Tee Tree Caps

Model TAT flow tees are similar to model TAS tree caps, except they include a threaded or flanged side outlet.

The bottom connection may be flanged or male- or female-threaded.

Model TR Dual Tree Caps

Model TR tree caps for dual completion have a union nut to be tightened with a pipe wrench, but they do not feature an elevation thread. However, the top thread of the 5-hole flange may be used for that purpose.

Model TN Dual Tree Caps

Model  TN tree caps simply consist of two 5-hole flanges and two nipples, long and short.

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