Total Austral awarded MMA with a 2 years long minimum period contract to provide 10ksi Integral Compact Wellheads for Shale Gas wells in Neuquén´s fields. These equipment includes Rotating type Mandrel Hangers with snap ring system and premium threads connections. Also, the WH offers ...



New product developed: Rotating Mandrel Hanger

Rotating mandrel casing hanger MC-M2-R allows to rotate production casing while descending and during cementing operations. It facilitates running the casing in restricted areas and at highly deviated wells, horizontal and/or verticals and improves cement job´s quality enhancing wellbore stabi...



MMA´s General Catalog 2nd Edition

Download our product catalog 2nd edition entering in the "COMPANY" section. This edition includes more product to our standard products line. Also, MMA offers products designed to suit customer needs. Please consult us to help you find the best solution in each case....



MMA supplies 10 ksi Compact Wellheads to PAE

Pan American Energy (PAE) awarded MMA with the provision of twenty-six 10.000 psi Compact Wellheads to be used at Lindero Atravesado and Bandurria fields. These wellheads are equipped with mandrel casing hangers which are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of hydraulic fracturing operations...



CNE´s First Year

In 2016 we started commercializing our CNE Pneumatic Electronic Controller. The product ranges from version 1 to 5, fulfilling clients’ different needs and requirements. The year 2016 was the year where the CNE Pneumatic Electronic Controller started its commercialization, it possess various ...



MMA´s HIPPS System

MMA’s Development & Engineering department has successfully completed the validation test for the HIPPS system. Tests for the different configurations were performed: the valve with actuator, the control system´s hydraulic modules and the complete set. HIPPS system is composed by: ...



MMA supplied type RTO3 Wellheads to ENAP Chile.

MMA had delivered 33 model RTO3 Wellheads, Rig Time Saver System, to ENAP Chile. These wellheads allows to simplify the installation process saving valuable rig time. They have a type Mandrel fluted casing hanger allowing the fluid to circulate through BOP. They also have a Snap Ring retention syste...



New Product Catalog

Download our new product catalog entering in the "COMPANY" section. The new catalog includes the most of our standard products. Also, MMA offers products designed to suit customer needs. Please consult us to help you find the best solution in each case. ...



Well Integrity workshop

MMA participated in the Well Integrity workshop organized by Tenaris in Neuquén city from 26 to 29 August in which MMA presented the topic "Wellheads Integrity, X-mas Trees and Surface Safety Systems." The same workshop will be held next October in Santa Cruz city, Bolivia....



Intense activity in Repsol Bolivia MGR-5 well

Activity is intense in this well, as within the next few days, the production figures for the Margarita plant will be known. Repsol, acting as a partner of YPFB, has just finished testing the new modules which would allow a significant increase of the processing capacity of the Margarita Plant. When...



MMA supplies 15 ksi Compact Wellheads to Petrobras

Petrobras Argentina awarded MMA with the provision of three 15.000 psi Compact Wellheads to be used at Sierra Chata and Aguada de la Arena fields. These wellheads are equipped with mandrel casing hangers which are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of hydraulic fracturing operations. The sco...



First shale gas well begins production

YPF´s first shale gas well (Orejano X-2, located in Neuquen, Argentine) is already producing and injecting gas from the Vaca Muerta formation into the National Transport System. The 10.000 psi wellhead and Christmas tree installed at this location was delivered by MMA. The well produces at a d...



Rio Colorado Potassium Project

VALE trusted MMA with the provision of wellheads and production / brine injection trees for their Rio Colorado Potassium Project in Malargüe, located in the province of Mendoza in Argentina. The picture shows some examples of 7-1/16" Injection trees. These trees are rated for a service pr...



MMA delivers Solid Block for the Itau field.

The second Solid Block-type 7-1/16" x 7-1/16" 10.000 psi Christmas Tree has been delivered to Petrobras Bolivia for the Itau field. This tree will be installed at the Itau X-2 well. The tree comprises four manually operated valves, two pneumatically actuated valves and another valve equipp...



MMA awarded new contract by Repsol Bolivia

MMA has been awarded a contract for the supply of two Production Trees for the Margarita Field. Similar trees have already been delivered for the Margarita X-3 and the Margarita X-4 wells and they are currently operating at full capacity. These trees are of the block type with both production branch...



Subsea Gate Valve passes Hyperbaric Chamber Tests

MMA has successfully completed qualification tests of a hydraulically operated Gate Valve for subsea service. These tests were conducted in MMA´s performance evaluation laboratories. A Hyperbaric Chamber and its instruments have been designed and built for the purpose of these tests. The chamb...



Compact Wellheads for YPF Multi Pad Project:

MMA has sucessfully delivered ten Compact Wellheads and Production Trees, out of a total of thirty which are scheduled to be delivered within the next six months. These components are part of a YPF project called "Multi Pad". These Wellheads are designed for a considerable reduction in dr...


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